Funny Thing

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متن آهنگ Funny Thing - Thundercat

Do you mind if I wild out a little?
'Cause I'm just a little drunk
And I wanna come party with you a littleCan I look into your eyes?
I can tell that you're high too
It's okay, baby, 'cause I just wanna party with you'Cause when we hit the peak, baby
I just wanna party with you
All nightSomeone hold my phone
'Cause I can't hold my tongue
'Cause if I'm getting drunk, baby
Then I'm gonna ruin the fun
It's not your problem
It's because I've seen too much, baby
Sorry if I got a little PTSD
But I just wanna party with you
All night
Because you make me happy
That's right
I only wanna party with you
Because you make everything

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