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متن آهنگ Doubts - KB

Unashamed's like our middle name
Since 16 I've been in the field
Spent a fortune on Bible college
To plant churches in Brazil
But God gave me Tampa
Hip Hop in his continents
But on five of 'em I cried on 'em
Like come to Christ and now you could live
I mean and I
Stayed outside but his dope boy went down for a stride
And my last trip to Africa
Man they said that we might not be coming back
Risk my own life
My career my goals my own wife
They say that's a lot for 25
That's the least I could do when he was crucified
But sometimes I still feel like I'm in the dark
Let me explain the conflicts of Kevin's heart (Hart)
Maybe the fact that my father left me plays a part
And why I'm, so afraid that one day I could walk away and leave God
Will I make it to the end
Or will I fall and lose everything
I'm trying to be a better man
But why is there so little change
If I'm honest
I'm doubting, I'm doubting, I'm doubting
If I was honest
I'm doubting, I'm doubting, I'm doubtingI'm 'posed to be K to the second letter
I'm a bride of a King like Coretta
Scott free God let us
All off the hook forever
But I'm still ungrateful
Acting like a tectonic plate move
Why I don't get what I want
How am I gonna front like I don't already got a plate full
I'm a grown man but i feel like i have the same struggles I dealt with since I was a teen
Sometimes I feel like I'm one sin from you saying that you are done with me
Am I decieved, Am I decieved
Do you really care
Are you really there
Lord help me believe please
Come quickly wish you would come get me
It's a passing joy but i feel so empty
If they only knew; I'm such a weak dude
But at the same time it's here I see how much I need You
But then the Spirit comforts me he comforts me
I ain't gotta worry about this no longer
When I feel my grip about to slip
His grip on me gets stronger
When I can barely crack a smile
Feeling like Mona Li' (Lisa)
God says know your weak so when your strong you know its me
See, He's been saving since Abram and he ain't lost one yet
Jesus has set me free never seen a better sunset
That's why I doubt my doubts
That's why I doubt my doubts
They just push me closer to the one who's got it figured outIf I'm honest
I'm doubting (I say to my doubts)
I'm doubting (I say to my doubts)
I'm doubting (I say to my doubts)
If I was honest
(I say to my doubts) I'm doubting
(I say to my doubts) I'm doubting
(I say to my doubts) I'm doubting
Help me believe!

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